Get the you need

We invest at various stages of maturity from company creation to capital expansion.

We have built a strong network of partners with the best academic research players, to transform their disruptive scientific discoveries into cutting-edge medicines or medical devices to diagnose and treat patients with severe diseases with high unmet medical need(s).

Our ambition is to work with leading research centers to build the healthcare industry of tomorrow.

In that perspective, we have developed a unique approach. We work closely with the research teams early on to define a plan to validate their discoveries and bring together the best healthcare industry experts and later the most experienced entrepreneurs to create high-tech companies.

We provide capital/funding to the companies we have founded with our funds and invite other investors to join us. This new and distinctive approach makes us stand out from most players in the world of healthcare investment.

We are also involved in early stage companies that have already been created, but always by supporting their development by providing our expertise and network.

We have thus contributed to the financing of more than 10 companies, many of which have become recognized leaders in their respective sectors.